“Thank you, Chief Justice Roberts”

Come January 20, 2013 I expect Barack Obama to be sworn in for his second term. After Chief Justice Roberts administers the oath of office, it’s likely he and the President will shake hands. At that moment, I expect the President to pull the Chief Justice close so that he can speak directly and privately to him:

“Thank you.”

Chief Justice Robert’s vote to uphold the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) all but ensures that President Obama will be re-elected come November. For many undecideds, the Supremes’ stamp of approval legitimizes the law and – with it – Obama’s administration. That approval, coupled with the lingering lack of enthusiasm for Willard Mitt Romney, will be enough to ovecome even the millions and millions of dollars that the conservative super PACs are raising and threatening to spend. It won’t be a walk, but it won’t be a nailbiter either.

Expect to see the following: 1) widening gaps in swing state polls of likely voters and 2) super PACs withholding expenditures (even while they continue to raise money by promising to beat Obama).

Yes, I know it’s a long way to November and anything can happen. That said, barring an unexpected event, the general landscape of this election is set. And, I think, it’s over.

What do you think?

– Austin